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Name is Yin. Physical age: 23. Mentally 12 to 200 depending on day.

Major obsessions include but not limited to: Yugioh, Magi, Madoka Magica, Dragon Knights, Kuroshitsuji, .hack//G.U., Code Geass and One Piece.

Mostly my sketches, cosplay WIPs and completed works of both. Particularly those of the Yugioh variety.

Message if interested in RPing, art trades or sketch requests.
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ren trying to gain his attention, and cheer him up. [video]

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[Pirate Pokemon]
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Seto Kaiba walks into a bar

but Yugi walked right under it


aries: sexually frustrated at everything
taurus: really nice but dead inside
gemini: mostly just hungry
cancer: in the closet but not really
leo: super gay for everyone
virgo: promises not to tell and then tells everyone
libra: lazy assholes like seriously do something with your life
scorpio: i’ve never met one but they’re all jerks
sagittarius: always boning your mom
capricorn: loves everyone but loves themselves more
aquarius: never not killing you
pisces: big booty bitches

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Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Prepare for bubbles!We’re drinking doubles!To protect the world from carbonation!To sell our drink in every nation!To denounce the evils of the Pepsi product!To extend our taste with rightful conduct!Jessie!James!Team Coke, blasting off like a bottled rocket!Surrender now that spare change in your pocket!Meowth! You got it!
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jasmarie1900 whispered : Hello, Do you happen to know a way to dip dye a wig? Thanks

I use a mix of fw acrylic inks and rubbing alcohol. I hear you can also use sharpies and/or jaquard textile colors, though I haven’t tried those personally.