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Name is Yin. Physical age: 23. Mentally 12 to 200 depending on day.

Major obsessions include but not limited to: Yugioh, Magi, Madoka Magica, Dragon Knights, Kuroshitsuji, .hack//G.U., Code Geass and One Piece.

Mostly my sketches, cosplay WIPs and completed works of both. Particularly those of the Yugioh variety.

Message if interested in RPing, art trades or sketch requests.
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krazy-the-sloth whispered : I miss talking to you, hope you're doing well.

Same. Busy, but not as much as before. I am going to Anime Central next month and debuting Sabrina from Pokemon and Ryuko Senketsu Trasnformed ver cosplays. So I have a lot to do in not much time, but it shouldn’t be as time consuming as Atem and AA table was.

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toxictraitor whispered : Hi! I was wondering what day is your birthday.

April 29th. :V

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witches-heart whispered : Hey! I saw you and your Kaiba at Naka (I spoke to you guys for a little bit; I had a duel disk on my arm as well). I was wondering how you guys made the Kaiba outfit? I really, /really/ wanna cosplay as Kaiba but buying one online is super expensive. Any help is much appreciated~

Hello! I’m assuming you mean the coat, yes? The pattern was draped onto our dress form first, the shoulders were stuffed with stuffing for the extra poof effect, and the bottom was made extra large so when we added the wire in it to do the “fan flare” thing, it could support the bend. As for how the wire works, it’s bailing wire that was inserted into the coat via a channel we made in the coat lining. Materials for the coat cost us about $200, and you can see more work in progress photos on our cosplay page here:


Hope that helps!

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Haunted forests of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England (by Duncan George).
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nach-und-nacht whispered : I didn't know if you wanted to know, but I posted a picture of you as Yami at Naka-Kon. You can find it here: /post/80517987292/naka-kon-2014-part-1-of-individuals-and (after putting it after my URL). I hope that's okay!

Thank you very much!

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sakura-no-kiss-hostess whispered : //Omg, I saw you at Naka kon, your cosplay was soooo freaking good. I've never really seen Yu-Gi-Oh, but man....Your cosplay has already made me love it. O__O

XD Thanks! I’m glad I could be of some inspiration.

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sxa-pride whispered : Hiii Eve, it's been a while ;-; I hope you're doing well ! many hugs and kisses. <3

Senpai.. <3 I am well. Very busy getting ready for Atem’s debut along with my art table, but well. How are you?